Unisex Fragrances

Discover our Unisex Fragrances. They are the perfect combination between the Legacy of the Classic Tradition and Modern Sophistication.

You can select between seven different essences

Unisex Fragrances

Summer: A floral perfume very addictive, sublime, perfectly suitable for both men & women.

Musk Lavender: A unique creation made of White Musk & Lavender essential oil (Thick & Creamy)

Flower Island: A wonderful & tenacious Musky scent with a drop of Vanilla. It’s very similar to the Golden Sand aroma, but its not!!

Damascus: A mesmerizing Arabian blend, also called attar, or Mukhallat.

Cordoba: Well balanced Citrus accord, you can feel the spring & a Mediterranean ambiance through it.

Napoli: Perfect if you cannot travel to Italy. Here the Italy comes to you through a fantastic olfactory journey, citrus & fresh scent!!

Musk Tahara: Who doesn’t know yet this smell?

A full Olfactory description is available for each product.

*All of our perfumes are sold with a suede Pouch & Certificate of Authenticity.

* The stick applicator is in glass

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Showing all 6 results