Perfume Oil

Discover our Perfume oil range collection. Unisex & Oriental Fragrance, a total of 10 different essences.

Our Perfume Oil are alcohol free and Made in France, as it’s highly concentrated and powerful, just few drops are enough to bring the wearer into an unforgettable olfactory journey.

Arabian Perfume a French Savoir Faire

We have selected for you the Highest quality in terms of raw material & purity. A Premium quality for Luxury products. It’s a Pure Concentrated perfume Oil, alcohol free and non diluted. The Ingredients are both from a natural & synthetic origin.

The factory benefit of both modern and high tech materials distilling his own compounds with old school materials to obtain concrete, absolute or basic essential oil (obtained by steaming distillation process)

Grasse the worldwide capital of perfumery


Grasse city is located in the south of France near the French Riviera, between the Mediterranean sea and mountains. This micro climate is the perfect location to cultivate and harvest high grade Raw materials like Jasmine and Rose.

Our factory only sources the best worldwide raw materials for your satisfaction. (Rose from Turkey, Jasmine from Egypt, Violet from France, Vetiver from Haiti Island, Vanilla from Madagascar and Agarwood from Laos, Cambodia or Bangladesh). We closely work with a Professional Perfumer.


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