Our Story


My spouse and I started in Malaysia by opening our website in 2013.

But wait…let’s go back a little farther shall we.

Our first meeting with the Oriental Perfumery was around 2003 where we immediately “fell in love” with the rich and opulent Arabian scents. We never thought our passion would become a business!

The genesis was born while we were living in France, my home country , between 2009 and 2010 where we met “The Professor” Mr. Waleed a French/Algerian Muslim  who was already a professional and was mixing his own perfume compositions for nearly a decade. He taught us many of his knowledge

In the beginning of 2012, I left my home country of France and relocated to Malaysia where we immediately started looking for a trustworthy and professional perfume laboratory back in France.  After more than a year of receiving hundreds of samples from at least 25 different factories, we selected only 2 of them.  The 2 that we chose reached our high expectations in terms of quality and purity. It was very challenging !

Now back to 2013, our website was opened and in 2016 we opened our own shop located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  We immediately started selling internationally to Qatar, France, Malaysia, India, UK, Australia, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and many more.  

Starting in 2018 we now sell online only to customers around the world.


2016:  Starting the manufacturing of our Bakhoor (traditional Yemeni recipe.)

2018: The launching of our Rain Forest Collection. (Made in connection with our French Perfumer)

2020:  Our relocation  to USA. 

Sincerely from the Founder of Almarwa Perfumes,

Mr. Abdulhedi