Oriental Perfume

Our alcohol free perfume oils are an Epitome of Luxurious Oriental Fragrances to enthrall your mind!! Oils are also known as attar, essence or aroma.

This collection invites you into an olfactory journey. Travel from Damascus to Cordoba without forgetting a detour in the tropical Rain Forest of Cambodia with its millenary oud trees, where the famous Oud Cambodi is distilled.

Made with Love by our French Master Perfumer.

Discover Khashab Al Oud our Best seller in the Middle east countries, a mesmerizing Oriental blend mixed with Oud Cambodi & other amazing raw materials.

This Oriental or Arabian perfume Collection has been carefully selected by our Team, Mr. Waleed our nose was strongly involved in this selection

Luxury perfume oil Made in France

Damascus : Agarwood & Spicy notes, the accord is gorgeous!!

Khashab Al Oud: Cypriol, Orange notes & Oud cambodi.

Jeddah: Oriental blend with Jasmine & Sandalwood.

Musk Al Andalus: Thick & Creamy texture, Citrus & Bergamot mixed with Cashmeran wood.

Only 4 at the moment. We prefer quality rather than the quantity.

Usually oils are directly applied onto the skin. Apply a few drops of our essence on your wrist, neck or behind your hear, then rub gently for a few seconds, that’s it!

Enjoy the scent as it will remain for hours!!

A full Olfactory description is available for each product.

*All of our perfumes are sold with a suede Pouch & Certificate of Authenticity.

The stick applicator is in glass

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Showing all 3 results