Discover our Bakhoor, Oud Oil and Incense burner collection. Exclusive hand made products!! Welcome into the Almarwaperfumes world

What is Bakhoor?

Bakhoor is an Arabic word بخور‎ it means literally: incense, The action of burning incense.

Its also known or spelled as : Bukhoor, incense

Our Bakhoor Oud oil and Incense burner collection is a Blend of different aromatic materials which can be natural or synthetic in order to incense your house or clothes by fumigation. 

Traditionnal Bakhoor-oud

Discover our 2 incense King Rose & Mukhallat, 50 gm of pure happiness

Home made by using an ancient traditionnal method, it doesnt contain any chemical or harmful ingredients, like DPG

We regularly prepare new Bakhoor with different fragrance, stay tuned New product with Sandalwood are coming soon

Oud Oil- Agarwood Bangladesh

Carefully selected by Mr Waleed our nose, It has been distilled in Sylhet area  in the beautiful Bangladesh & obtained by steaming process from Agarwood plantation trees (Malacenssis species)

Its aroma is so deep ,opulent & unique that you may compare its strongness to the Bengal Tiger !!

Incense Burner

Exclusive Bakhoor burner also called  Mabkhara, to burn any incense,Bakhoor or Agarwood,made of Mahogany Wood from Philippines. Limited quantity