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Bakhoor Mukhallat is Home made & prepared with Love using Oud chips, Blended oils & Sugar to release a Warm, Oriental and Sweet scent.


Bakhoor Mukhallat will create a Warm, Oriental, and sweet scent in your house.

Bakhoor Mukhallat

Mr. Abdulhedi, our founder, prepares the Bakhoor in which it’s cooked in a pot using the Purest Arabic tradition. The Bakhoor manufacturing process uses a blend of different perfume oils such as Sandalwood, Rose, Patchouli, etc.

We all know that the Arabian peninsula has always been well known for its incense market place for centuries!

Burn your Bakhoor in your Bakhoor Burner or Mabkhara to give an amazing Oriental scent in your house and on your clothes by opening your wardrobe.  The fragrance can remain for hours!

Instructions for use & How to burn Bakhoor?

Place a piece or more of Bakhoor on burning charcoal. While burning the Bakhoor please, KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN! Open your windows before and after use because too much smoke could be harmful to your health and others. Do not burn in the presence of young children, or people suffering from asthma or any other respiratory illnesses.

To avoid a fire, after using the Bakhoor & before throwing it away, please make sure that the coal is completely extinguished & cold. The best method is to pour a glass of water into your burner.

Oud chips | *Bakhoor perfume oil, Coarse Sugar

weight: 50 gm

*The Bakhoor oil that we use has been formulated to withstand high temperatures while burning your
Bakhoor chips on some charcoal.


Additional information

Weight.125 kg


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