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Bakhoor Burner


An Exclusive Bakhoor burner also called a Mabkhara. Use it to safely and easily burn any Incense, Bakhoor or Agarwood because of its ergonomic wrist design.


A Luxury Bakhoor burner made of Mahogany Wood from the Philippines.

Limited quantity

Our Bakhoor Burner is Hand made with love. 

A unique style! Burn your Bakhoor, Agarwood or Frankincense so easily with this Exclusive Almarwa Perfumes product. 

It’s also called a Mabkhara.

Enjoy its ergonomic wrist design making it easy to carry anywhere in your house and because of its design, you won’t feel any hot temperature while holding it.

How do you safely use it? Place a piece of aluminum foil before placing  your charcoal on your burner, keep away from children and after use make sure that the coal is completely extinguish & cold before throwing it away so it doesn’t cause a fire hazard.

we suggest you to not use Bakhoor electric burner, because it burns the incense too fast

Stay tuned! We should be able to manufacture an Exclusive & Customized  Burner very soon with your name in Arabic!

Made in Malaysia

Weight: around 380 gm 

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* by purchasing this product you strongly contribute to the local economy.

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Weight.450 kg


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